Types of Interior Wall Paint 

There are a few various types of wall paints for your home’s interior. It will be simpler for you to make the right choice if you know more about suitable paintable surfaces and the effects that paint can obtain. Furthermore, it is possible to mix various kinds of interior wall paint within a room. However, you must know what you are doing. If you don’t, you can simply contact professional painters Midland TX

Gloss Paint 

Gloss paint is one of the most popular interior wall paint. It is a type of paint that you can apply to almost every wall. However, several individuals prefer to use it on woodwork since it offers high shine. Gloss paint will show every imperfection of your wall. Thus, you will require more than one coat to achieve even coverage. 


This is another popular interior paint. However, it is more commonly applied on trim instead of walls. It provides a hard finish. That is why it is appropriate for heavy use. Furthermore, it’s simple to clean using just water and soap. It produces a shine that’s a bit lesser than full gloss paint. However, it is typically simple to get an excellent covering with just one coating. 


An eggshell finish has a shine that is very subtle. However, it does not have a similar smoothness as a satin finish. Therefore, it does not show imperfections a lot. This makes an eggshell finish more appropriate interior wall paint. In addition to that, it is simple to apply and could frequently cover well with one coat. This makes it a better option for a lot of people.  


This is one of the types of interior wall paint that a lot of individuals know if. However, only some of them actually understand it. The satin finish is somewhere around gloss and matte and generates a soft and low sheen. This makes it perfect for places where you will require to regularly clean the walls. But, you should not apply a satin finish in an area where you’ve got a wall with imperfections. This is because the satin finish will make them more visible.  

Matte Enamel 

Matte enamel is almost similar to matte paint. However, it tends to be much tougher and durable than matte paint. It rarely requires retouching and it is much simpler to clean. This gives it a huge advantage. This is particularly true if you’ve got young kids. Also, it’s great for the kitchen since it is an area where you will need to wipe the walls regularly. The visual effect is almost the same as matte paint. Also, it can be applied in a similar way.  

Matte Paint 

The most common type of interior wall paints is the matte color. There is no sheen or shine to the finish. This makes it best for ceilings and walls where you do not want any visual distractions. It is simple to apply. However, it will often require more than one coat to produce an excellent solid color.