Benefits of C60 Supplement 

In theory, this carbon molecule is believed to have a practical use in everything. Yes, you’ve read it right. This includes crafting super durable materials, electronics, and rocket fuel. However, the most intense uses have been arguably in the field of health. 

C60, short for Carbon-60, is an extremely complicated subject. Also, there is a lot of public confusion about this topic. In order to explain slightly what’s currently known about this amazing molecule, we’ve compiled a list of its health benefits.  

Improves Longevity 

Perhaps the most well-known experiment conducting using C60 is the Baati or Paris study. According to the study, they found out that this molecule improves the lifespan of rats by around 90%, aside from being non-toxic.  

Part of this is likely because of the fact that C60 has high similarity for both mitochondrial and cellular membranes. It helps protect both of these structures. For those who don’t know, these structures are vital to our cells’ lifespan, and of course, to us. 

Scavenges Free Radicals 

It was concluded that the C60 molecule acts as a free radical sponge ever since the first experiments were performed on them. This molecule mops up any that it encounters. According to several reports, this molecule has antioxidant ability several hundred times stronger than other antioxidants.  

C60 can accumulate dozens of free radicals before it can no longer do so, unlike other antioxidants that can bind to free radicals only molecule-for-molecule. For instance, according to a report, Carbon-60 can hold around 34 methyl radicals. It can do this at a single time. 

Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis and Inflammation 

Since C60 is such a strong scavenger of free radical, it only means that it greatly helps lower inflammation. This is particularly true when it comes to arthritis. In both rats and human cell cultures which had arthritis, water-soluble carbon-60 inhibited inflammation in the bones and joints.  

Boosts Immune Function 

Water-soluble carbon-60 has been shown to fuel the immune system in some ways. This includes fueling the production of immune cells such as cytokines and lymphocytes. Both of these cells play a huge role in fighting off tumor cells and infections.  

Because of the amazing and strong antioxidant capabilities of this wonderful molecule, it can stop a person from having severe allergic reactions and allergies. With the intervention of c60, levels of IgE’s, histamine, and other inflammatory compounds linked to allergy were drastically reduced.  

Prevents Apoptosis in Neurons 

For those who do not know, the death of cells is called apoptosis. This is what c60 has been shown to protect against in nerve cells.  

In a healthy individual, it’s a fact that neurons die and get produced each day. But, if a person has Alzheimer’s disease, a lot of neurons die. Because of this, it results in cognitive decline, memory loss, and a lot of other issues. This is also the case with other neurodegenerative disorders.  

Luckily, you can easily prevent this and avoid Alzheimer’s disease in the future by simply taking c60 supplement since it protects apoptosis.  

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